Full-Stack Javascript Web Development

M2 Info - WEB-IHM - Université du Havre

:warning: À l’attention des étudiants de Master 2 de l’université du Havre. Ces pages ne représentent pas l’intégralité du cours de WEB IHM de M2 iWOCS. Elles ne sont qu’un support écrit complémentaire au cours présenté en classe.

These pages do not constitute the whole lecture. These are solely used as a written aid to the actual live lecture of Web Development for the CS Master degree at the university of Le Havre, France.


This lecture reviews some of the main technologies and standards used for Web development.

Standards at play are essentially the new HTML5 and CSS3 family of standards as well as new versions of JavaScript (EcmaScript 6).

Technology still relies on the HTTP protocol (although HTTP2 is on its way) for the transport of information. Javascript has become a central language where complete data models rely on it rather than being used for occasional animations on the page.

This lecture focusses on browsing a wide area of those new features, not pretending to fully cover them all. The lecture starts with a comprehensive beginner initiation to JavaScript (ES5) with a presentation of some of the new features of the language (ES6).

Graph Outlook

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Prerequisite to this lecture